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If you have a North Carolina driver's license, then you are required to carry the minimum insurance on your vehicle.

North Carolina Auto Insurance Requirements and Coverage

If you have a North Carolina driver's license, then you are required to carry the minimum insurance on your vehicle. This includes:

  • Liability insurance covers bodily injury coverage for those injured in an accident you cause.
  • Property damage for vehicles damaged in an accident where you are at-fault.

In addition to liability insurance, there are several other coverage types that you may wish to consider. Creekside Insurance in Greenville, NC can help you determined the best coverage for your lifestyle and driving needs. In the meantime, here are the major types of coverage.

Types of Auto Insurance

The following insurance types are optional in most cases.

Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive insurance pays for damage to your vehicle in case of fire, hail, theft, and vandalism. If a covered event damages your vehicle, comprehensive coverage can help you repair or replace your car up to its cash value. This coverage typically has a deductible, requiring you to pay a certain amount, specified in the policy, out of pocket. Comprehensive insurance is optional, but your lender or leasing company may require you to have it.

Collision Coverage

If you hit another car or run into a fence or other object, collision coverage pays to repair the damage or replace your vehicle. The amount you receive depends on your total coverage minus the deductible.

Medical Coverage

If you or family members are injured while driving a vehicle, medical payments can help you cover the cost of your injuries. This might include X-rays, surgery, and other services.

Other Types of Insurance

Talk to your insurance agent about which insurance coverage might be right for you. Additional coverage types include:

  • Rental
  • Gap coverage
  • New car replacement
  • Sound system coverage
  • Towing
  • Classic car insurance

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