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With Creekside Insurance, you have a partner who is committed to supporting and protecting you.

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Our purpose

Helping you obtain the best policy

Whether you need life, homeowners, renters or automobile insurance, you can get it all covered at Creekside Insurance in Greenville. The agency offers additional services such as retirement services, income planning, long term care, commercial insurance, boaters, motorcycles, ATVs and recreational vehicles.

Our Process

A fresh perspective on personal insurance

When you partner with us, you’re at the center of a vast network of risk, insurance, employee benefits, retirement and wealth management specialists that bring clarity to a changing world with tailored solutions and unrelenting advocacy.


Local & family owned

A rich history of locally
owned and operated offices


Exceed expectations

Curated policies rooted in
meeting & exceeding our
your expectations.


Quality & service

Taking pride in our commitment to quality
and service

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Getting an insurance policy doesn’t have to be confusing. At Creekside Insurance Agency, your agent will offer you a free review to help you obtain the best type policy to fit your needs and budget.

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